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Acupuncture for Pregnancy Milwaukee

Explore the benefits of pregnancy acupuncture with our experts - treatment for each trimester, labor preparation, and more.

The Orchid Blueprint: Pregnancy

Begin Your Journey with Clarity & Ease


The fact that our bodies have the ability to receive, sustain and nourish life is nothing short of a super power. At Orchid, we believe that bodies innately know how to birth best when they are fully supported to do so.

Each of Orchid's acupuncturists holds extensive training and experience treating each trimester of pregnancy. As a gentle, drug-free modality, acupuncture is the perfect complement to your overall prenatal care plan. Your treatments will support not only your health, but also the growth and development of your baby, with the ultimate goal of easing the transition into motherhood.

As seasoned professionals in prenatal and postpartum care, and as mothers ourselves, we are dedicated to removing the stress out of planning for a healthy pregnancy and the arrival of your new baby. Your care includes proactive, wellness-based recommendations appropriate for each stage of pregnancy and labor preparation, and access to our referral network of birth and postpartum providers should you need additional support.

Though you don't need to have complaints to benefit from acupuncture, we do commonly treat the following and more

  • Threatened miscarriage

  • Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy ("morning sickness")

  • Headaches, muscle aches and pelvic girdle pain

  • Anxiety and mood support

  • Fetal positioning

  • Birth preparation

Our goal is to help your mind and body adjust to the unique demands of pregnancy, including the energy stores needed for a healthy pregnancy and birth. With this in mind, we'll provide you with daily practices and support beyond acupuncture and herbs alone. You'll leave your Blueprint session empowered with these practical tools and resources that can be implemented immediately. 

We are deeply honored to work with you on your own journey to parenthood.