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The Orchid Blueprint: Postpartum

Begin Your Journey with Clarity & Ease


Research is now showing what mothers have been saying for years - that women's bodies take a full year or more to recover from the physical and emotional stresses of pregnancy, childbirth and the adjustment to motherhood. This timeframe, of course, extends well beyond the single six week checkup that most new mothers receive. 

Steeped in the rich history of Chinese medicine and other traditional cultures, we view postpartum as a critical period of rest and healing in which new mothers deserve just as much devoted care and attention as they are focusing on their new babies.  

We know the importance of your adjustment to your new roles as a parent, and in your connection within the greater community at this time. As part of the Orchid family, you'll benefit from our extensive support and referral networks each step of the way as you navigate the transition to motherhood and beyond. 

Our goal is to help replenish and restore energy resources spent during pregnancy and birth, providing you with daily practices and support beyond acupuncture and herbs alone. You'll leave your Blueprint session empowered with these practical tools and resources that can be implemented immediately. 

Drawing on our experience as providers and mothers ourselves, we'll take the time to curate a plan of care beginning with your specific needs in mind. Our scheduling allows you to bring your baby with you, or to take some well-deserved time for yourself.