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Integrative Care for Women's Health at Orchid Milwaukee

Milwaukee's oldest acupuncture practice dedicated to integrative reproductive health care. See why our team approach makes the difference! Evening and weekend appointments available. 

The Orchid Blueprint: Women's Health

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At Orchid, we believe that the concept of health extends far beyond just the absence of disease, and that women deserve to feel their best at all stages of life. The practices of Chinese medicine offer a time honored, whole-person approach to supporting women through each of these key transitions. 

From the start of menses through to menopause, Chinese medicine offers a gentle and effective means to balance the body and improve hormonal health. We'll carefully pay attention to finding the root of any imbalance as we bring the body back to a state of healthy equilibrium, versus masking symptoms with medications, supplements or other treatments. 

Acupuncture offers an invaluable approach to restoring health throughout each stage of life, and we frequently help women to address the following:

  • Menstrual and hormonal health: painful periods, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, hormonal migraines, etc.
  • Preconception care for those looking to become pregnant in the years or months to follow 
  • Symptoms related to menopause (a transition known in Chinese medicine as the Second Spring)

Our providers look to guide our patients on the path to improved health through a multi-faceted approach to their optimal well-being. With this in mind, we'll provide you with daily practices and support beyond just acupuncture and herbs alone. You'll leave your Blueprint session empowered with these practical tools and resources that can be implemented immediately.