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Online Refills

Welcome to Milwaukee's oldest acupuncture fertility practice. Evening and weekend appointments available with our integrative specialists.

Supplement Refills

Order Online at Your Convenience


In an effort to save our patients time and money, we have partnered with each of our supplement providers to provide an online option for refills. Orders may be placed at any time and ship directly to your doorstep!

We will continue to maintain a small retail inventory for our core supplements and “need it today” types of products, but now have the ability to offer a full catalog of items from each of our professional-grade supplement lines. (Please note that if this is your first time placing online ordered through any of the sites below, it will be necessary to register for a new account.)

Two of our most popular items, the Basic Prenatal and Q-Best 100 Co-Q 10, may be ordered via Thorne Research. They also offer free ground shipping and 10% off qualifying orders. See Orchid’s online dispensary has a full listing of products offered.


Note: If this is your first refill from Patient Direct by Standard Process, please contact us for the clinic registration code.


Good news! Patients of Orchid are eligible for a 10% discount on all other supplements we prescribe when purchased through FullScript™.


Please contact us directly if you would like to refill herbs between acupuncture appointments.


Have a question? Ask away. We aim to please!