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Megan – Twin Pregnancy with Acupuncture and Reciprocal IVF


My wife and I tried to get pregnant for 5 years before we stumbled upon Orchid and decided to give acupuncture a shot. We ended up doing reciprocal IVF, and both working with Rebecca. She was amazing. She tailored our treatments to always compliment where we were in the process at the clinic and provided us much needed support and encouragement along the way. She went above and beyond, even opening up the building so I could get a treatment both before and after the embryo transfer. I ended up getting pregnant with twins on our first try of reciprocal IVF and there is no doubt in my mind that going to Orchid and receiving the support from their team was the key to our success. I continued treatments throughout my pregnancy and after delivery. I had been so focused on getting pregnant, but having the support of Orchid after our twins were born was a much needed blessing. We can't say enough about Rebecca and the rest of the staff at Orchid. 

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