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Quinn – Acupuncture and Herbs for Rare Skin Condition

As far as testimonials go, I will go further than just comments. I wrote an article about you (along with our chiropractor) treating Quinn for pityriaris rubra pilaris for Chicago Health. You are, of course, the acupuncturist I refer to in the story. Since it was for a Chicago audience, I couldn’t mention my Milwaukee providers by name, but I think you (Rebecca) should definitely have this on your website.

Quinn is doing well, and we are still (I have to buy some more right now) giving him cod liver oil, and I really, really believe his recovery is due to you, to his chiropractor, and to the creams and soaking. I have read more up on the disease - and so many people who have PRP end up with a chronic condition that is painful. Additionally, the Emily’s Skin Soother creams helped him, too, and, of course, I was introduced to them by you.

I really wish people who suffered from chronic conditions addressed them not just traditionally, as that may not always work.

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