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Angela – Cycle Regulation and Pregnancy Support

My husband and I struggled to conceive for two years before finding Orchid. From the very beginning, every session with the Orchid team was so warm, welcoming and understanding.

I began to receive weekly treatments of acupuncture and eventually added monthly Mayan abdominal therapy to my regime. Throughout the process, I found notable differences in my cycle, stress levels and what was probably even more important was that I had partner with Orchid to process the ups and downs of conception.

After 6 months of treatment, we had successfully regulated my cycle and my husband and I were able to conceive our first child. I continued to receive acupuncture weekly through my first trimester to mitigate all of those nasty early pregnancy symptoms. Then, I switched to a monthly visit and these became my favorite prenatal appointments.

The tenderness of the staff and the attention to every detail made me feel so supported and loved throughout the whole journey. I would 100% recommend Orchid to anyone trying to start their family as well as anyone looking for acupuncture in general. They are absolutely amazing and I know we would never have been able to realize our dreams without them.


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