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Maggie – Conceiving with Acupuncture after a Miscarriage


I began going to see Lisa for acupuncture treatments last Fall when my husband and I were trying to get pregnant. At the beginning of 2017, we had a miscarriage and then were trying for months to get pregnant again. My doctor eventually recommended acupuncture to support the process. Lisa was super knowledgeable about fertility and after our first session I had felt I had already learned so much about fertility and how to better support our journey in trying to conceive.
My sessions with Lisa were the highlight of my week. The acupuncture not only supported my needs for fertility, but it also made a dramatic difference in my anxiety and overall health as well! Lisa is so compassionate and really seeks to support you well in your individual journey and health needs. Two months into our sessions I became pregnant! I continued to see Lisa through my first trimester and I am so glad I did! The acupuncture helped SO much with nausea, anxiety, and energy. I am am now 27 weeks along and doing wonderful. I am so thankful we had Lisa throughout this journey, I cannot more highly recommend!!

Are you having problems conceiving again after a miscarriage?