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Morgan – Rewarding VBAC with Acupuncture & Acupressure

The experience of feeling my body want to push involuntarily was surreal after my previous experience in labor, and once the back labor stopped, the contractions weren't terribly painful. I still think about how amazing it felt to work together with my mind, body, and her to get her out and into this world.

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Lisa Mussak
Julie – Natural Conception with Acupuncture & Mayan Massage

After trying to get pregnant for three years I connected with Orchid Chinese Medicine. Their guidance, knowledge, support and expertise put me at ease, and I looked forward to my treatments with them for not just the health benefits of acupuncture but also the rejuvenation that I felt afterwards. My husband and I became pregnant after six months, and I enjoyed my experience so much that I continued acupuncture treatments and Mayan massage throughout my entire pregnancy. 

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