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Questions for Your Acupuncturist


What training have you received?
Our acupuncturists are dedicated to a lifetime of learning. Each holds a Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) and has passed national board exams required for licensure in the State of Wisconsin. Additionally, both of acupuncturists are Fellows of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, a specialty certification held by only four providers within Wisconsin.

In doing so, they have studied with leaders in our field on fertility, pregnancy and women’s health and continue to complete 60-100 hours of continuing education on these topics each year. This robust training is especially important for providing support as a complement to Western medical procedures (such as IVF), where the treatment protocols and technologies continue to rapidly evolve. 

How many years of experience do you have?
At Orchid, each of our state-licensed acupuncturists has over 10 years’ professional experience since graduation. We are proud to serve as Milwaukee’s oldest practice that focuses on women’s health, fertility and pregnancy.

Do you specialize in fertility and pregnancy care?
Offering fertility and pregnancy care throughout a list of numerous other health conditions may not guarantee that a provider is experienced in treating the nuances or complexities that can arise along your journey, or that he or she possesses any specific post-graduate training in either.

Furthermore, while fertility and pregnancy go hand in hand, not all providers will necessarily treat both. Orchid offers full spectrum reproductive care, meaning there’s no need to search for a new provider once you’re pregnant!

With specially designed programs for fertility, pregnancy, postpartum support and women’s health, our skilled clinicians can comfortably guide you through pre-conception planning to postpartum and beyond.

What services do you offer?
As part of our commitment to full spectrum reproductive care, our providers can also offer herbal and nutritional supplementation. Each of these components can be critical for increasing the chances of natural conception and during the preparatory (pre-medication) phase of IVF/IUI cycles.

We also have an experienced massage therapist onsite 5 days of the week providing hands on care for Maya Abdominal massage and self-care instruction in the techniques of this time-honored tradition.

When are you available to see me?
We know that you’re busy! Follow up appointments are available four evenings per week, and select weekend days. For your convenience, we also offer 24/7 online scheduling for each of our locations.


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