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Exciting News — Online Refills Now Available!


Dear Orchid Friends and Family,

We’re pleased to announce some updates to create more ease and convenience with your supplement and select herbal formula refills. Orchid has created online access to the products available from each of our supplement partners, allowing for:

  • Faster turnaround time: 24/7 access for ordering supplement refills, meaning no more lag time if you run out of a supplement before your upcoming appointment,

  • Time savings: orders delivered right to your doorstep, saving a trip to our office between acupuncture visits,

  • Increased availability: the ability to order supplements — such as prenatal vitamins — in bulk quantities, and a dramatically expanded selection beyond what we can carry onsite at Orchid,

  • Cost savings: free shipping and product discounts for online orders from select partners (see our website for more details!)

While we will continue to offer our core line of supplements at the office for fertility, IVF/IUI preparation, pregnancy/postpartum support and women’s health, it is our hope that this offering adds an additional means of access to your favorite products from our brands such as Thorne, Designs for Health, Standard Process, and more!

Just a few additional notes on our online refills program:

  • If you are new to online ordering through any of our partner sites, it may be necessary to set up an account,

  • We are happy to offer online refills to all current patients of Orchid,

  • Standard Process Patient Direct orders will require a unique code at time of signup that is available by contacting our office directly,

  • Our expanded product catalog from FullScript™ includes a wide range of product offerings beyond the professional-grade items we stock at the Orchid office, to also include those you might find at health food stores and elsewhere. If you have any questions on the suitability of a product we have not recommended, please feel free to contact your provider directly.

From our homepage, all prescription portals may be accessed by clicking the “refill” button as shown:


Again, it is with great excitement that we share this latest development and are excited to offer another feature that creates more convenience in an otherwise busy week! Should you have any questions on your current supplements, or wish to ask any questions on our new online refills program, please feel free to contact us at your convenience…

In good health,

All of us here at Orchid


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