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Thank you for Having Us: Resolve Fertility Support Group (and a few of our favorite resources:)

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We had the pleasure of speaking at the local Resolve Fertility Support Group meeting this month at Vios Fertility Clinic on incorporating acupuncture into an IVF or IUI treatment plan. It was a wonderful group of women in all stages of the TTC process. 

Have you considered attending a meeting or maybe didn't even know that they existed? We have some patients who have met great friends in these groups and have found support and a safe place to discuss their journey. 

The meetings are peer-led and held monthly:

In addition to sharing information on the benefits of acupuncture and mayan abdominal massage to improve fertility outcomes, we also shared with the group some of our favorite resources for stress reduction that might offer support through the process to parenthood. 

Ferticalm: A great app for your phone that offers techniques for dealing with some of the stressors that can present when trying to conceive.

Restoring Fertility: Yoga for Optimal Fertility DVD: This yoga DVD offers a different yoga series for each phase of the menstrual cycle. To buy online, click here.

Circle and Bloom: Meditation programs for natural fertility cycles, PCOS, IVF/IUI, FET, and Donor cycles. They also offer a free Healing and Recovery program for those who have suffered a loss.

Expectful: Fertility meditation app that offers a free trial;)

Invitation to Grieve: A lovely 21-day e-course for those who have experienced miscarriage and are looking to heal and feel ready to move forward. Created my a local Milwaukee mom.

We appreciate the opportunity to connect with such wonderful women and hope that each and everyone on the journey to build their family has the ability to tap into the resources and support they need.