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All About Sperm: How sperm quality may affect your fertility (and say about his overall health)

Here is what we know- it takes two to make a healthy embryo and baby! A man’s contribution to the fertility process is just as important as his partner’s and may be the cause of infertility (including recurrent miscarriage due to genetic abnormalities or poor placenta formation new research indicates) up to 40% of the time.

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What a Lovely Day! Before the Bump: Your Journey to a Healthy Pregnancy!

While it was chilly outside, the Ingleside Hotel was full of warmth with a group of wonderful women (and a few men;) as part of the first annual Before the Bump: Journey to a Healthy Pregnancy.

We were honored to be invited to team up with Vios Fertility Institute, Moreland OB-GYN, and Women’s Healthcare to discuss the road to pregnancy. Our own Lisa was part of a panel discussion on what to do when you need support.

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All About the Egg: How egg quality may affect your fertility (and what you can do about it!)

You might be thinking “well if I am born with all the eggs I have, it doesn’t seem that there is much that I can do about them at this point??” While we can’t make more eggs, it turns out that there may be some things you can do to make them healthier and improve their function as they grow and set the genetic blueprint for that egg moving forward. That 100 day period of maturation (about 3 cycles) when the eggs are activated from hibernation may offer a window of opportunity.

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