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What a Lovely Day! Before the Bump: Your Journey to a Healthy Pregnancy!

While it was chilly outside, the Ingleside Hotel was full of warmth with a group of wonderful women (and a few men;) as part of the first annual Before the Bump: Journey to a Healthy Pregnancy.

We were honored to be invited to team up with Vios Fertility Institute, Moreland OB-GYN, and Women’s Healthcare to discuss the road to pregnancy. Our host and moderator, Tiffany Ogle of the Morning Blend, was the perfect combination of gracious, funny, and sensitive in discussing a topic that is not always straightforward or easy.

The goal of the event was to open up the conversation and share tips and resources to support and empower couples who would like to build their family, whether now or in the future. As practitioners (and women), we realize how little we are taught about our fertility and how this lack of knowledge can be detrimental in the process of trying to get pregnant or knowing how to plan for your reproductive future.

Dr. Angeline Beltsos, Medical Director of Vios Fertility Institute, started the morning off with a discussion on how the world and environment can affect our body and fertility. She talked about toxins that can read havoc on our hormones and negatively impact both sperm and eggs. From body products such as lead in lipstick or parabens and fragrances in lotions to BPA in plastic water bottles and credit card receipt paper, our bodies are continuously exposed to these reproductive disruptors. Taking small steps to reduce this toxic load, can greatly improve the health of both partners and increase heathy pregnancy outcomes.

There were then two panels with local OB-GYNs from Moreland OB-GYN and Women’s Healthcare, Reproductive Endocrinologists, and our own Lisa Mussak! Lisa took the stage with Dr. Kara Ehlers (RE) and Dr. Ellen Hayes (RE) of Vios Fertility Institute to talk about what to do when you need help getting pregnant. From diagnosis to creating a treatment plan, they shared their process and the importance of taking the first step to get help when pregnancy isn’t happening within 12 months of trying to conceive (or 6 months if over the age of 35 or have irregular cycles). Lisa discussed the use of acupuncture, herbs, and supplements to improve fertility outcomes whether naturally or as a support to medicated cycles such as IUI and IVF.

Thank you to all those involved! We feel very fortunate to be in such great company in providing education, support, and resources to couples looking to conceive and have a healthy, happy pregnancy and look forward to next year!

Missed the event? Let us know if you have any questions!

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PS- Did I mention the Vios Pulse? The Vios Pulse Fertility Wellness Check Up was one of the hot topics of the event and many of our patients have found it helpful;) Unlike other fertility clinics, Vios offers an accessible and affordable option for having first-line testing completed for egg and sperm quality. Check out the details here: