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I Am Pregnant!!! Now What??!!

You are pregnant! Whether this is first time you have gotten a + test or have had others, early pregnancy can be filled with excitement, anxiety, and confusion on what to do versus not do and what is normal. Often times you may not see your doctor or midwife until the latter part of the first trimester. So what to do in the meantime??!!

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All About the Egg: How egg quality may affect your fertility (and what you can do about it!)

You might be thinking “well if I am born with all the eggs I have, it doesn’t seem that there is much that I can do about them at this point??” While we can’t make more eggs, it turns out that there may be some things you can do to make them healthier and improve their function as they grow and set the genetic blueprint for that egg moving forward. That 100 day period of maturation (about 3 cycles) when the eggs are activated from hibernation may offer a window of opportunity.

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Spilling the Milk: Reflections on Our Breastfeeding Experiences (Part 1)

Welcome to the first installment of Spilling the Milk, Orchid's 3-part series on breastfeeding. We honor and acknowledge everyone’s journey and know that each experience is so different (as is evident with our own stories!) Through these stories, it is our intent to not only share our individual journeys, but also to continue the conversation in highlighting the inherent diversity in others' experiences with breastfeeding.

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